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Fresh air impoverishes the doctor. ~ Danish Proverb

Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

December 29 – 30, 2014

Breathtaking views from The Hideaway Hotel in  Bandarawela

Breathtaking views from The Hideaway Hotel in Bandarawela

Standing silent against the railing of our balcony, I look across the horizon. Every shade of blue and green is visible in the late afternoon light. I had no idea I would be so lost for words. My mind races with thoughts on how to enjoy the views and the lovely escape into the mountains of Bandarawela but not a word leaves my mouth. I try to think of the best ways to spend the next 24 hours and as the answer hits me, I feel annoyed that I had those thoughts in the first place. It dawns on me as I inhale the fresh air…be present. Do not waste the time finding ways to distract yourself from your surroundings. Envelope yourself in the beautiful present.

The Hideaway Hotel

Tucked into the mountains around Bandarawela, you will find a beautiful hotel, The Hideaway, with eight rooms, all sharing the same view as the one picture above. The hotel itself is hard to find and luckily our driver got us there with few problems. This is an escape where solitude and relaxation are highly valued. The Hideaway is not in a bustling town or easily located next to dining and other experiences.  The purpose seems to be to escape into nature and into oneself.


Ayurvedic Massage

After basking in the beauty of the mountains and sitting peacefully on our patio, Jonathan and I decided that we should experience our first ayurvedic massage. The hotel offered massages in a basic hut on the hillside. We figured we had time before dinner and we were both in the need of a little rejuvenation. The massage hut only allowed for one person at a time so we both decided I should go first.

This became a bit of an adventure…first I slid down the hillside to get to the hut. After 20 minutes into the massage the power went out. There was only one lamp lighting the hut in the first place so luckily the candles that were lit for ambiance served the purpose of also being our only source of light…not a problem. Who keeps their eyes open during a massage anyway? Towards the end of the session, the masseuse began massaging my face and scalp with additional oils. This felt lovely and I particularly liked the scent. Unfortunately, I had to shampoo my hair twice to get out most of the oil and my clothing definitely was sticky and saturated with excess oil in the short time it took for me to get back to our room.

When Jonathan returned from his massage, we had a good laugh. The experience was interesting yet far from rejuvenating. He too had to shower again after his massage and my hair looked a bit rough for several days. Was it enough to keep me from trying an ayurvedic massage again? No. But next time, it will not be in a hut on a hillside.

The massage hut

The massage hut

Worthy of a Visit?

If you are looking for an escape with views of the Sri Lankan mountains and literally want to feel like you have stopped time, then The Hideaway is a great choice. It’s beautiful and serene. This is a great place to come to if you are traveling through the area and need a good night’s rest with lots of peace and quiet. However, if you are looking for adventures and to fill your time with activities, I suggest finding another location. I didn’t mention above but should mention for those who may be considering this hotel…the food at the hotel (your only choice in the area) was our least favorite of the trip. We had dinner and breakfast here and didn’t finish our plates even though we were very hungry.

After leaving Bandarawela, we headed towards Ella to hike Little Adam’s Peak. To read more about our Sri Lankan itinerary, click here. For more about our previous stop at a tea plantation, check out my post on Nuwara Eliya.


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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.  ~ Unknown

 Sri Lanka

December 24 – January 4, 2014

Sri Lanka Flag

The first snow fall of the season always fills me with a sense of calm.  I can’t help but to stare up into the sky and try to follow a snowflake dancing its way home to a final destination.  Something about stopping and taking in the beauty of the first winter snow day entrances me.  The chill in the air, the tingling of cheeks and the desire to cozy up to someone you love is a grand feeling.

As blissful as the moment is, it is sadly, only a brief one. When living in a city of over eight million people and nearly 14,000 taxis the once beautiful snowfall quickly turns to grimy piles that seize up the already limited space on the sidewalks.  You suddenly realize you’re under dressed and are a long walk from home, the subways are packed and every taxi in sight is taken.  This is when the moment of bliss disappears and you begin fantasizing of the warm sun on your face and lazy days at the beach or in the park.

The Escape

I’m not quite sure what led us to Sri Lanka other than the fact that our friends, David and Alexandra, threw it out as a suggestion.  My first thought…it is warm.  My second thought…I’ve never been.  My third thought…I’m all in!  Goodbye dirty snow piles.  Goodbye oversized down coat.  Hello breathtaking mountains!  Hello sun-kissed island!  Hello hiking boots and bikini!

Itinerary Overview

Colombo:  Eating & Exploring the city

Kitugala: Relaxing and White water rafting

Nuwara Eliya:  Tea Plantation & Factory

Bandarawela:  Ayurvedic Massage & Scenic Overviews

Ella:  Hiking Little Adam’s Peak

Udawalawe National Park:  Safari

Yala:  Safari

Weligama:  New Year’s Eve on the beach and snorkeling

Marissa: Whale watching and lazy beach days

Galle:  Ananda Spice Garden and lunch

Colombo:  Eat, Drink, and Relax

Interested in what we did in each city?  Follow my blog or check back soon for posts on each of the above destinations.  Also, look forward to tips on where to stay and how to find the best driver to take you everywhere your heart desires!

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